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Will & Ink - Mersenne
Will & Ink
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WK 22, 26 May 2014
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Will & Ink


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Now on to the third release, Dutch duo Will & Ink have turned plenty of heads with their raw and pounding sounds. This latest EP, Mersenne, is no different and features four more tracks of hardware made house. Opener 'First Mersenne' is a hunched over techno kicker with loud in the mix hi hats leaving icy trails in their wake as chunky beats race below. It's a powerful groove that sweeps all in its way aside. 'Second Mersenne' is similarly defiant in its mission to get from a to b and has some kin ship with the bulky loops of analogue technoists Skudge. On to the flip side, 'Third Mersenne' is spikey and splintered, with wooden drums and rattling dub chords that work toward a heady and intense peak. Indecipherable vocal yelps hide within the arrangement and add an extra sense of urgency. Finally, 'Mersellanious' is a beat less sketch of pulsing synths and alien sound effects that entombs you in a warm pillow of sound. It's the way each sound is sculpted so expertly that makes these heavyweight tracks so essential.

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