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Will & Ink - Fermat
Will & Ink
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WK 24, 10 Jun 2013
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Will & Ink


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Will & Ink, a new label and production duo of the same name. Well, they aren't really new, because individually Will & Ink are Dutchmen with many musical projects to their names. This new project, however, is something different. When Will & Ink got together for the first time they had a gut feeling that they could add something new to the techno world. This is why their raw and pounding sound is brought to life through custom-built hardware, which you can see in action during their unique live sets. Now those first tracks get an official release in the form of this three track Fermat EP. The opening track, First Fermat is a well swung, cantering techno groove with swinging hi hats and the sandiest of hits peeling off the top. The percussion and metallic rattles sound like nothing else and all in all it's one of the most infectious warehouse styled tracks you are likely to hear. Second Fermat recalls the releases of Fachwerk and is built on the same bubbly, grip-y drums and clattering rhythm sections, but this time a dark, filtered vocal lurks in the middle to add an element of intensity and paranoia amongst the spangled synths. Finally, Third Fermat is a little more stripped back. The textures are still sandy and rough edged, the beats still seem to lean into a stiff wind but here the hook is a frazzled, blistered little synth which tears up the middle of the track, hypnotising as it goes. This EP marks quite the debut for a pair that has many more special techno treats up their sleeves for the coming months, both in the studio and live arena.

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