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Malin - Deorbital Descent
Will & Ink
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WK 08, 16 Feb 2015
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Deorbital Descent

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The Will & Ink label now hits release number 5 with an EP from Malin that features two new cuts and a remix from Yaleesa Hall. Amsterdam and Paris based producer Malin Genie has released some well received house and techno bangers in recent times, and runs his own label Oscillat. With a keen sense of heritage but one eye on the future, here he serves up two more intense and floor focussed cuts. The first is 'Deorbital Descent', a turbo charged and hard hitting techno track with overdriven kicks, big daubs of synthy hook and a real sense of urgency. The claps are hard as you like, and the drums are no less menacing, so think peak time warehouse tackle and you'll not be far wrong. Next up, 'Agaric Fly' is a much more stripped back and down low techno roller with hubby chords, groaning bass and rubbery kicks that seduce and hypnotise. The remix comes from Yaleesa Hall, who has released a solo EP on the label before now. The resulting track is a fulsome, scurrying techno affair with edgy stabs, hurried drums and a real sense of foreboding. Once again then here, Will & Ink have unearthed yet more lovable, no-frills techno for serious heads everywhere.