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Ciao Fellini - Noche A Bahia Remix
Pizzico Records
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WK 10, 06 Mar 2017
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Ciao Fellini

Noche A Bahia Remix

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We were defined trash, italo disco, Balearic, post modern, pop, funny, cheerful, smart... When we founded Ciao Fellini our mission was to create danceable pop music and end our experience in less than a decade: 1984-1990. We were an open invitation to ephemeral, insecurity, incomplete, we were feeling part of a small centre where we managed clubs, we organized parties, and where we were searching for a way to have fun and amuse the others, always with a bit of consciousness that everything couldn't be so 'light' and 'so eighties'. We worked with great musicians and huge producers such as Sauro Malavasi e Celso Valli. In 1998 with 'La Mia banda suona il rock' cover we won Festivalbar in the new talent competition. In 1986 with song 'Noche a Bahia' we gave life to the first Balearic wave. We closed our career in 1990 with a song dedicated to Salvador Dali. An invisible thread has connected us to those years, and at the end, after thirty years we are here trying to understand how this could happen! Noche A Bahia and Dali remixes are the certified genuine product of contemporary Italian DJs and producers who hold different stories and sounds: Severino from titled Horse Meat Disco team, The Caribbean House which includes historic elements of Technogod and Disciplinatha, Johnny Paguro from house of Pizzico and true Disco icon DJ Rocca. As always, in Ciao Fellini philosophy we required authenticity and groove to go back for a little while into the Milano da bere years! with a 2016 sound of the 'Milano to avoid'. Enjoy it but more importantly, dance!