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The Caribbean House - The Caribbean House (Billy Bogus presents)
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WK 51, 14 Dec 2015
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The Caribbean House

The Caribbean House (Billy Bogus presents)

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After a promising start like "Night Drive" The Caribbean House is finally introduced by his creator/curator Billy Bogus through this four tracks EP. The Caribbean House is a live project that finds Bogus teamed up with Federico Bologna, from seminal Technogod and Ohmega Tribe collective, and Cristiano Santini, from legendary italian act Disciplinatha. Straight from electronic Italian suburbia of the nineties, skilfully mixed with Bogus uncommon approach, this is an outstanding blend of new wave and slow motion disco, strictly for midnight vultures. Let's begin Very DJ friendly, "Ivory Pagoda" hits with a catchy rhythm which evokes some sort of deep techno vibes but with house-disco flavours and jazz aftertaste. "Il nuovo Dragone" sounds like an afro spin cycle with gluey synths and a hidden sick atmosphere. On the b side: "Haitian Party" is a lively piece that can also be crepuscular and "Ivy" comes full circle with a hypnotic afro-wave with a premonition.. This EP aims to break the rules through a bizarre idea of temporal continuity which may look like a bit of a paradox : from the dark vibes/atmospheres of the 80s via the glacial synths and the warm sampled beats of the 90s to the vaporous present day disco. If you are a DJ who knows history on the dancefloor but also like to experiment with the unusual you are definitely going to love this one!

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