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Michael Fahres - Tibataje
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WK 23, 01 Jun 2015
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Michael Fahres


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Michael Fahres' 'Tibataje' is an evocative piece of modern experimental music, playing around with and commenting on performance, natural sound and natural echo. It was performed on the Island of El Hierro in front of the Risco de Tibataje massif by three drummers and later processed by Fahres in the studio. It is rhythmically varied and allows natural sound and natural echo to be an essential part of the performance and compositional processes. The 'Tibataje' composition has a subdued feel that can provoke the impression of it being a reaction on the art of field recording. Given the religious nature of the rhythmic influences used, 'Tibataje' also has an abstracted ritualistic feel, with the ritual linking up directly with nature and natural phenomena. Michael Fahres was born in Bamberg, Germany on 15 April 1951. He studied Germanic Philology, Theater Sciences and Philosophy, before studying electronic music at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht and composition at the Music Conservatory in Amsterdam. He has worked in the electronic music studios of Steim and Sonology, in the Erlangen computer studio and in the CEM studio which he also managed from 1976 until 1998. He has composed numerous works and has released on labels such as ECM, Valves and Trikont. His 2007 album 'The Tubes' on Cold Blue Music features a contribution by Jon Hassell.

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