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Red Stars Over Tokyo - Melody Attack
Testtoon Records
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WK 41, 07 Oct 2013
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Red Stars Over Tokyo

Melody Attack

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After releasing two highly acclaimed remix 12"s earlier this year, Red Stars Over Tokyo now delivers the hauntingly beautiful 'Melody Attack' album. A double gatefold, mastered to subtle perfection by Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, RSOT delves even further into his own unique mix of the subtly trancey, emotionally driven and understated forward motion of his previous productions. As always, his tracks have an undeniable song quality, the emotions within referencing the small and mundane, whilst the inspiration behind often references a so-called bigger picture. The whole album fades in and out of focus and attention, giving its different parts room to breathe and develop. Somewhere in there, there's a a down-sized cover version of Fra Lippo Lippi's song 'Sense of Doubt', its stylistic minimalism a perfect counterpart to RSOT's ambitions. 'Melody Attack' is RSOT's own dark, elegiac version of what, for sake of simplicity, could be called 90's IDM or Ambient Techno. His is an appealing darkness that does not forbid the sun to shine through. Its sense of isolation is filled with compassion for the one isolated. This is post-dancefloor music for post-dancefloor use. An ambitious, purposely ambiguous musical stream of consciousness that never cuts ties with its past, but offers a new and intricately organized perspective that makes it modern to a tee.

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