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Dorisburg & Sebastian Mullaert - That Who Remembers
Spazio Disponibile
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WK 27, 03 Jul 2023
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Dorisburg & Sebastian Mullaert

That Who Remembers

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To prepare for "That Who Remembers", Dorisburg (aka Alexander Berg) and Sebastian Mullaert set up their equipment in Malmo's empty Inkonst venue, spending several days immersed in its atmosphere, using the lights, smoke machine, and Soundsystem to create an authentic club environment where they could freely improvise. The result is a suite of free-flowing sounds that draws on both artists' backgrounds in reduced techno and ambient music, sailing thoughtfully through near-future landscapes and punctuating them with shimmering, kosmische textures, decaying sonic memories, and fragile rhythms. Not dance music exactly, it's music that instead considers the spirit of an empty dancefloor, wondering which elements might remain when feet have left the building entirely. It's hardly surprising that the record is coming via Donato Dozzy and Neel's adventurous Spazio Disponibile imprint. "We recorded at full club volume with massive bass, but our references had gradually shifted to the point where just adding a soft kick drum would feel like peak-time techno. So even though the final recordings are quite soft and ambient, the energy we felt during the recording was often quite intense."

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