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ATNA - Remade By Desire (remixes)
Uncanny Valley
2LP + Download
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WK 40, 03 Oct 2022
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Remade By Desire (remixes)

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From "Made By Desire" to "Remade By Desire": The Uncanny Valley label from Dresden, Germany curates a remixed and reworked version of the debut album by local pop heroes ATNA and takes us on a trip through various styles of Club Music, electronic Pop excursions and music college Rock'n'Roll. When ATNA sent the German pop world and beyond into rapture with their debut album "Made By Desire" in 2020, the Uncanny Valley crew was also very excited by the duo's life-affirming pop concept. Soon, the idea of a cooperation came up. Since both the band and the label operate from their base in Dresden, contacts were quickly made and the first meeting was so productive that the plan for a collaborative remix and rework album was soon turned into action. Uncanny Valley put together a selection of stylistically diverse artists that took account for the various influences in ATNA's music and reflect the multifaceted sounds of the Uncanny Valley label cosmos. After the initial idea two years ago, "Remade By Desire" is now an album that puts the ATNA songs into new musical context, but sounds surprisingly coherent given the stylistic diversity of the artists involved. It's as if all the musicians had attended a studio retreat for a week and experimented with what is possible when you mix their respective skills. The result is a true crossover album that takes us from edgy techno over orchestral ambient to jazzy punk and challenges without overchallenging.