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Thrills in +41 - Skipman 1998
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WK 23, 06 Jun 2022
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Thrills in +41

Skipman 1998

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Guzzle the momentum. Slap the door behind you. Run faster. The feeling pure. The attention fried. Rush from left to right. Repetition. Doorbells ringing. Where do I stand? Organizational chaos is a theory that predicts the here, the now, the never before seen or known. My attention is as pure as it is fried. Thrilled to announce that Thrills In +41 welcomes us with sheer brilliance. Let's Purifry The Attention. Solidified action. Embrace the filter. You feel it? Kicks and incredulous rhythmic action. Stuttered chopped vocals. A dash of madness and you're there. Open the door. National discoveries are about to be found. Discovery 70D is a gateway to a new portal known as... Skipman. Pull it in. Acidic drops drop harder than acid drops when you drop it because it's hot right now in the midst of this after-summer delight. Long sentences stretch like honey clinging on to your buttered knife as you make yourself toast because we're all toasted and we wrote a poem called d'Ache together that one night. Ahhh, the beat goes on. It's basically a Visual Illusion. An ambient setting wraps up this rap. Imagine tender vocals summoning the night over the howls of dusty vinyls and the digital embodiment of contemporary music making machines. We are a music making machine.

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