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Various Artists - all his decisions
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WK 52, 01 Jan 2000
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Various Artists

all his decisions

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Nina Kraviz's trip presents "all his decisions", the latest double vinyl album on the label. Always moving beyond the scope of the traditional, trip's conceptual approach brings together a range of artists around a uniting theme, supplying a sense of cohesion and narrative thrust. "all his decisions" is inspired by trance and especially psytrance. It continues the exploration of the subject that first started on the "locus error" conceptual album. Released in 2019 "locus error" had psytrance veterans X-Dream and PTU's modern interpretations of the genre sitting next to Sophie and Juliana Huxtable's Analemma project on the same record. Lolytrance by ANTIGONE is the album's first single that has been championed by Nina in many of her sets, from the biggest festivals to online streams. trip regulars PTU once again provide their fresh contemporary take on psytrance. Nina Kraviz contributes the concept album's hypnotic title track as well as another iridescent Skyscrapers remix by Vladimir Dubyshkin. As someone very close to Nina's heart the late K-HAND is featured on the compilation with the minimalist "noroomforerror", taken from her "inner circle" project. "all his decisions" includes several debuts. PTU's Alina Izolenta makes her solo debut with the highly energetic "catching up with the horizon". UFO95's "J5TEEN" and u.r. trax "atom heart" is a modern nod to psy classics that sit perfectly next to psytrance artist Jurek Przezdziecki aka Praecox. Kittin is releasing on the label for the very first time and rounds off the album perfectly with a dance floor killer "continue". Artwork by Cat Okamura.

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