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Norwell - ODD EP
Dalmata Daniel
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WK 24, 12 Jun 2017
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The 5th release of Dalmata Daniel is the first Budapest-based banger EP, which presents three original tracks from Norwell and one remix by Imre Kiss. Norwell was engrossed in kosmiche musik and house, while he found his own sound and made some albums on Reckno, Seagrave or Cleaning Tapes. After all he hasn't stopped yet, rather, he has started to discover the dark side of club music and converted his own sound into electro. The result of this new beginning was the 12-inch 'Death of a Star' on Pinkman in 2016. Now 'ODD EP' is the next level: much deeper into the darkness. 'Arabian Nights', as the title suggests, is an electro-orientalist-exoticism, like an ancient dangerous night in the desert. However, from the second track, we are in the future: in cold dark space. 'Outer Delta Dynamics' is the launch rocket, followed by 'Celestial Bodies', which is a cruel and desperate fight in time and space. Imre Kiss has started with dreamy lo-fi sounds on Farbwechsel, then he improved his music in house and techno on the next two EPs on Lobster Theremin. But the banger remix 'Crisis '91' is a pretty new thing in his music. This cool jungle rework perfectly matches the whole atmosphere of 'DD005', even if the style is somehow different. The last curiosity of this EP is that all of the tracks were born in Szemlohegy, which was actually a coincidence (or maybe fate?). Anyway, this place above the city might have had a common influence on the tracks: they have exactly the same vibe. (Mx)

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