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Infinity Night - Eternal Love
Dalmata Daniel
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WK 14, 03 Apr 2017
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Infinity Night

Eternal Love

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Frederic Bergamaschi from Bretagne, who produce under a few monikers like Infinity Night, which could be familiar, if you are a voyageur of the space-roller disco Universe. He is a long time galactic player, established his own label Radio Cosmos where he puts out electro, italo, disco pieces with his analogue synths devoted companions. He has been released by Bordello A Parigi as well. Now Infinity Night appears with his new Eternal Love EP on Dalmata Daniel, which contains a five of his own material and remix from Charles B. Barkin. Eternal Love has a unified narrative line from the begin to the end which will whirl you to a cosmic journey with full of diverse moods. It's nicely build up, consist of upbeat energies, modest melancholic rhythms, electro-disco time traveling, naive romantic melodies and wavy synth desirable dreams. Charles B. Barkin's is remix a soft echo, far distance sense approach of the Dark Energy track. Infinity Night shows his knowledge and sensitivity with Eternal Love. It's a genuine piece on electro-synth-disco axis with it's own depths and heights and guide you to a never ending story.

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