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Dj Deep - Cuts serie remixes volume 1
Deeply Rooted House
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WK 23, 05 Jun 2017
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Dj Deep

Cuts serie remixes volume 1

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Mr G, Ben Sims, Steve Rachmad and Roman Poncet are on remix duty for this powerfull release of Dj Deep raw "Cuts"! BEN KLOCK:Thanks for sending these. I like especially Steve Rachmad's mix. Truncate: Phat remixes! Thanks! James Ruskin (Blueprint):Sims and Poncet mixes for me...Thanks!! ROD: tnx for this! already playing the sims remix at festivals, but digging mr g and steve rmx also! Dario Zenker: Thanks for the tracks, the ben sims mix sounds dope! Miss Honey Dijon: that ep is banana. every single track is a banger! thank you so much for sending it over!!! RARESH: Steve Rachmad remix for me . merci beaucoup Chris Carrier: great stuff Djulz:Great remixes!, I have a preference for Steve Rachmad's mix but they are all nice! Mano Le Tough (Mirau/Internasjonal/Dirt Crew) 'heavy package. thanks ' Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism) All remix are special, Steve Rachmad is my fav. Thanks' Josh Wink (Ovum) G's and Rachmad remix for me. Good ep. But digging those two best.' * DJ Rolando (Underground Resistance / Delsin / Ostgut Ton / Skudge) '4 Killer remixes here. Very hard to choose a fav - they are all GOOD!!!' * Antigone (Concrete Music, Children of Tomorrow, Taapion, Indigo Aera, ) 'Mr roman here for me thx !!!'

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