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TB Arthur - Footsie EP
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WK 15, 10 Apr 2017
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TB Arthur

Footsie EP

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Little is known about Chicago's TB Arthur except that he makes essential acid and techno. Sometimes solo, sometimes with Magda as Blotter Trax and this time out it is on his own (312) label. Entitled "Footsie EP" , this four tracker also includes a remix from Derek Plaslaiko, who Arthur first met at Record Time, the famous Motor City record store. Opening the EP is Let's Do Footsie, a deep and woozy, mind melting cut with acid lines, gooey synths and icy hi hats all snaking and slithering round each other in slow motion. Things grow ever more wild and uptempo and you end up fully on your toes. The Bunker New York man Plaslaiko then steps up with a slithering electro remix affair of a track from TB's Test Pressing 3 release. On the flip, TB Arthur drops Venice Beach Acid, another brilliantly freeform and jumbled track with rooted drums, random claps and gloopy synths that drip like treacle. It's brilliantly fun and playful. Closing the EP is Body Scrub, a churning, reverb heavy affair with flabby acid lines, synths that burrow deep and an intently weird and freaky feel that really makes it stand out.

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