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Blotter Trax - Blotter Trax
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WK 40, 03 Oct 2016
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Blotter Trax

Blotter Trax

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The second release on TB Arthur's (312) label finds the mysterious artist revealing a collaborative project with Magda as Blotter Trax. The pair first encountered each other at the famous Motor City record store Record Time, when Detroit artist BMG introduced his then co-workers Magda and Derek Plaslaiko to Arthur, who was visiting the shop from Chicago. Sometime after that meeting, Magda and Arthur went into the studio and jammed together for a week, the session was recorded live on analog 1/4" tape and then three tracks were selected for release. 1A is six and a half minutes of modulated synth sounds that are psyched out and sci-fi, spooky and truly atmospheric. Full of cerebral cinematism, acid lines and ghoulish textures all add up to a truly standout track. 2A then marries dark wave pops and clicks, unsettling alien lifeforms and menacing, slo motion industrial drums into a physical and imposing groover riddled with paranoid sirens and drones. Last of all, 2B snakes and slithers its way through undulating drums, cosmic freakiness and gloopy synth sounds that are all seductive and subversive in equal measure. This, then, is a truly fascinating pairing.

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