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Ben Buitendijk / Tom Liem - Split 01 EP
ESHU Records
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WK 02, 09 Jan 2017
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Ben Buitendijk / Tom Liem

Split 01 EP

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Dutch collaborative label ESHU Records is back with more inventive techno, this time from Tom Liem and Ben Buitendijk on their 'Split 01 EP'. Liem has already released here as J&L (together with label co-founder Jocelyn Abell), and has also done so on one of the excellent Field Records compilations. Now he makes his solo proaction debut, and it is a fine one across two tracks, while Mosaic associate and Rotterdam producer Ben Buitendijk also serves up a fine solo contribution to complete another promosing release. Opener 'Equilibrium Two' from Buitendijk is a perfectly streamlined and serene bit of spaced out, hypnotic techno. Gentle synth pulses roam about the airwaves, left and right, up and down, as ethereal pads glow behind. It's heady dancing music, whilst Liem's 'Contact' is also perfectly aimed at both head and heel. It is full of lick synth pulses that bubble and boil as watery droplets and ticking hits also colour the most subliminal groove. Closer 'This Is All You Need' is a more textured, frazzled cut with frosty lines and rickety pads working you into a trance. Rich drums and clever bass filtration add dynamics and tension and so like everything else here the end result is hugely captivating.