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K-Hand - Not Giving Up
Acacia Records
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WK 23, 07 Jun 2021
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Not Giving Up

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K-Hand, the undisputed ''first lady'' of Detroit house and techno, continues her series of rereleases for some of Acacia Records' most sought after catalog. Acacia's reputation as ''music from a well known place to an unknown destination'' precedes it with a reach that is once again being expanded upon. Originally making its mark in 1993, ''Not Giving Up'' is a piano chord led number with eccentric disco era falsetto vocals interspersed between a house diva counterpart, all undercut by equally classic rough around the edges low end - touching on Hand's influences from the New York golden days. The Plastic Dream mix is a more sinister springboard of sounds with an urgent energy sure to rip through speaker stacks and leave audiences in shreds. Easily its dreamiest incarnation, the Disco Dream adaptation lends itself to bouncier, filtered grooves and vocal dubs. The ghetto growl of ''Beat That Bitch Wit a Stick'' was and still remains a huge track for K-Hand and the label. Pulling from a sound that originated in Chicago, it became equally prominent in Detroit through the work of Hand and others. Its accompanied here by an Instrumental version for those that don't share in the street logic, but nonetheless love the gritty production style. Finally, the legendary Claude Young's mix of ''Deep Down 2'' sees him implementing wavering chords and loopy vocals with a purposefully loose NYC stutter.

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