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Submersible Machines - Waypoints
Photic Fields
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WK 25, 15 Jun 2015
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Submersible Machines


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There seems to be something in the water when it comes to Texas and Electronics. One of the stand-out talents from that most Southern of Southern states is Submersible Machines. The producer surfaced in 2010 with an outstanding selftitled EP, coming up for a second in 2013, on Dublin's Lunar Disko Records. Tracked down, he's being proudly presented on Photic Fields with Waypoints. Waypoints builds on those early successes, with that delicateness of touch plain to hear. A renewed warmth enters. Tracks wash with a lush and textured sound. Sheer class spills from speakers. 'Porthole' illustrates from the needle-drop what you are in for. A tapestry of tones reveals incredibly emotive electronics. Tracks are sculpted with an awe-inspiring precision, from the wind-swept wonder of 'Murmur' to 303 echoed dreamscape of 'The Searching.' And it is a dreaminess that embodies this EP. Heartening notes and a deftness of style combine to bring beautiful and thought-provoking Techno to listeners. Absorbing bars pull you in, changes flow and ebb. But there are punchier moments, the toms and rhythmic pulses of 'Abyssal Plains' giving way to sweeping stings. The finale comes with '707 Dreams.' A cerebral close of cascading keys and cushioned cymbals to wake you from absolute immersion. Quality precedes quality on Waypoints. Heady harmonies curl and unfurl themselves around autumnal shades. Limited to 300 copies, 180 gr vinyl.

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