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Perseus Traxx - Harmony Of Elements EP
Photic Fields
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WK 06, 02 Feb 2015
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Perseus Traxx

Harmony Of Elements EP

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Perseus Traxx, aka Nigel Rogers, is returning to Photic Fields with a four track outing. This young Briton has time and time again shown his ability to sculpt soulful soundscapes using the building blocks laid down by Chicago House. Harmony of Elements is further proof of this. From the outset lush key strokes are laid down, warmth and texture brushed with subtle beats. Percussion patterns are used to scaffold achingly delicate bars. Autumnal tones swirl amongst warm winds and colder currents. Darker moments are present, nightskies bruise under weighty bars. M>O>S man ASOK is on remix duty, blotting "Grey Skies" with his ink-stained sounds; eclipsed moods balanced with honeyed notes. Harmony of Elements sees Nigel Rogers full range of ability on display. There's a revived and renewed complexity to this layered EP. A landscape of emotion is lovingly created, edges are smoothed and richness flows. Undoubtedly some of the most developed, heartfelt and involving sounds to come from Perseus Traxx to date.

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