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Anxur - The Anxur Takes Vol.1
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WK 17, 20 Apr 2015
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The Anxur Takes Vol.1

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Marco Shuttle and fellow italian techno legend Donato Dozzy team up for a duo project under the name Anxur, a collaboration that combine two artits that certainly have a wide common ground when it comes to vision and musical aesthetics. The Anxur Takes Vol.1 is the first instalment of the duo's output, the release is a 2 tracker that have a strong esoteric feel as you could expect both from the label and from the artists involved but still maintaining quite a straight 4/4 dancefloor vibe. Volo 1 is a steady mesmerizing, squelchy acid track. A meticulously modulated high pitched 303 bassline that extends through the whole track keeping the listener suspended in a loopy sonic experience where the percussive elements slowly build up the progression together with the bassline. Volo 2 on the B side brings the tones into a slightly more subdued territory, still keeping some kind of thread with the A side but radically changing the atmosphere. a warped modulated synth-line dynamically changes its shape throughout the whole length of the track but the bassdrum is more round and soft and irregularly pulsating delayed 808 snares and 909 hats resonate through long tailed reverbs that give the track an even spacier, more landscapy feel. A very coherent and uncompromising ep by two minds that think alike.

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