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Yan Cook - Morse EP
Ann Aimee
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WK 17, 21 Apr 2014
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Yan Cook

Morse EP

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Yan Cook is the Ukrainian techno producer unearthed by Delsin sister label Ann Aimee around this time last year. Now he is back with four uncompromising and dance floor focussed tracks on his Morse EP. 'Morse' itself is like a blizzard-y radio transmission of techno from Cold War era Russian - it's a fine grain and grimey tack with big thrusting kick drums and rusty synth lines that just roll and roll. 'Lighthouse' is a little less stormy, instead focussing on a paranoid and insistent synth hook as cantering kick drums rumble below. 'Nylon' on the flip is an aggressive an arresting offering once again. It's a spacious thing with mysterious bell sounds off in the distance, jarring drums and angry percussion all rattling along at a quick and inviting tempo, before closer 'Suspense' keeps you hanging on a knife edged with its loose and jangling melody lines and thumping kicks. This is austere yet atmospheric techno at its finest, just as Ann Aimee likes it.