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WK 4, 20 Jan 2020

World Exclusive

  • Joakim Cosmo - Elmoped uppfor Tinkarpsbacken

    Joakim Cosmo - Elmoped uppfor Tinkarpsbacken

    Joakim Cosmo is back with another record crammed with wonky and weird numbers. It's obvious right from the start that Joakim Cosmo has a passion for machines...

    12inch | Borft | Borft171

  • Assembler Code - Write Pulse EP

    Assembler Code - Write Pulse EP

    Assembler Code makes his solo debut on CE. 3 tracks of crunchy, fast paced electro for the floor with a Sync 24 & Jensen Interceptor remix to round off the...

    12inch | Cultivated Electronics | CE033

  • Various Artists - De Stijl 02

    Various Artists - De Stijl 02

    The second release on Artefakt's De Stijl expands the sound of the imprint introducing three new names to the catalog. The record ascends into a subterranean...

    12inch | De Stijl | DS-02

  • Various Artists - The Belligerents Vol.2

    Various Artists - The Belligerents Vol.2

    The second installment in the Gravitational Waves series, The Belligerents Vol. 2 puts the label's experimental and always forward-thinking sound on display....

    12inch | Gravitational Waves | GRTW008

  • 214 - Rex And Shuffle

    214 - Rex And Shuffle

    214's return to klakson with his North Bend blend of electro-techno. 4 rugged beat orientated tracks with melodies and strings floating in and out like the...

    12inch | Klakson | kl-nr3

  • Hellboii - The Crisis of Proliferation

    Hellboii - The Crisis of Proliferation

    9 very dramatic apocalyptic-industrial-psychotic tracks

    12inch | Panzerkreuz | Panzer1022

  • Black Merlin - SFORMATOR 2

    Black Merlin - SFORMATOR 2

    The second release of Black Merlin's SFORMATOR series on Pinkman. Three cuts of hypno-beat electronics, created through ritualistic embodiment of sound by the...

    EP | Pinkman Broken Dreams | PBD14.2



    From underground Russia comes LVRIN's second release on Pinkman Broken Dreams. 6 jams for the freaks - stripped to the bone, with minimum fuss and maximum...

    EP | Pinkman Broken Dreams | PBD19

  • Kovyazin D - Red Line EP

    Kovyazin D - Red Line EP

    System 108 introduces its second vinyl record from resident Kovyazin D, whose works were previously released on the labels M>O>S, Craigie Knowes, Eidetic, Jack...

    12inch | System 108 | S108-002

  • Metamatics - Instamatic EP

    Metamatics - Instamatic EP

    During a career spanning decades, under a spread of monikers, Lee Norris has weaved musical gold. Shipwrec know this. Once again the dutch imprint delves into...

    12inch | Shipwrec | Ship065

  • Various Artist - Locus Error

    Various Artist - Locus Error

    TRIP presents 'Locus Error', a new double vinyl concept album. Moving beyond the scope of the traditional, arbitrarily compiled VA, TRIP's conceptual approach...

    2x12inch | Trip | TRP029

  • Swarm Intelligence - Ultraware

    Swarm Intelligence - Ultraware

    Employing a toolkit of cutting-edge DSP, Swarm Intelligence reimagines classic rave frameworks for dancefloors of the future. "Ultraware" traces a path through...

    12inch + Download | Voitax | VOI018

  • XXXV - XXXV Edits 03

    XXXV - XXXV Edits 03

    More hot edits from the common series camp.

    12inch | Common Series | XXXVEdits03

Import / Non-exclusive

  • AUX 88 - Counterparts

    AUX 88 - Counterparts

    Electro / Techno Bass legends Aux 88 are back with a brand new album.

    2x12inch | Direct beat | DBC001

  • Gerhard Heinz - Lolita Am Scheideweg

    Gerhard Heinz - Lolita Am Scheideweg

    Groovy funk, cosmic sitar beats, psychedelic flangers and chilled balearic disco songs produced by Austrian producer Gerhard Heinz in 1980! ...

    LP | Private Records | VAG10


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