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Omon Breaker - Compromat
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WK 42, 16 Oct 2023
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Omon Breaker


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Omon Breaker aka Maksym Nazarov is a DJ and musician who grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine originally from Dnipro. Now he presents his first ever full EP, Compromat, that traverses from cyberpunk dancefloor techno to trance-like work outs and wave inflected anthems including a special appearance from labelhead Phase Fatale. In his early works, he delved into questions of electronic culture and its impact on his life. As a result of his musical development and his quest for forging his own sound image defined by breakbeats and grooves reminiscent of early 90s electronica combined with the edge of modern techno, he released his first vinyl split 12" with D.Dan on Standard Deviation - the label from the ? club in 2021. Meanwhile, he quickly established his DJ path in Ukraine as a skilled performer, even becoming a resident at Kyiv's first LGBTQ+ friendly club Crest. Following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Nazarov was forced to leave his home and relocate to Berlin. In this new city, he came under the wing of BITE where he debuted with his track 'Stinger' from their recent VA and played the label showcase at Berghain in April 2023. While acclimatising and reflecting on his intense life experiences, Omon Breaker began work on his EP in which he seeks to express his emotions brought on by the tragic situations in his life: the loss of home, loved ones, and love itself. Compromat is Nazarov's first solo vinyl release where he attempts to musically depict his inner world shaped by the tragedies in his life.

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