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Ma Spaventi - Vicino Lontano LP
Bordello A Parigi
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WK 04, 23 Jan 2023
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Ma Spaventi

Vicino Lontano LP

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Ma Spaventi is a wonderfully versatile artist. Over his decade-long career, the Italian musician has turned his capable hand to everything from ambient to techno. Once again, he is expanding his sound palette and challenging expectations with Vicino Lontano. Across eight tracks, an array of ideas and influences are explored with additional guitar work coming care of Odeon?s Michele Righini. The reflective hues of ?Solitario? give way to the warming strings and peaceful brightness of ?Crepuscolo.? Written and produced in Amsterdam between 2017 and 2019, beautiful memories of the past are the source of inspiration. Radiating Summer sunshine bathes ?Bring Me Back? in a comforting glow, while ?Velvet Lights? teases rhythm sections with thick bass lines and shimmering synth work. Moments of introspection arrive in the elegant gliding forms of ?Bomber? and ?Intermezzo.? The rumbling ?End Line? finds harmony amongst a spread of styles, cascading chords and rich textures, all combining beautifully. A moon rise closes, the grand curtain falls on ?Bidderosa?, calling time of this stunning collection.

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