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Dr Boomer - Time To Go Back EP
The Villains Inc
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WK 45, 07 Nov 2022
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Dr Boomer

Time To Go Back EP

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Italian The Villains Inc. moves up a gear with its fourth release to date and already the second in less than a year! Conscious 'Time To Go Back EP' introduces the exclusive collaboration between label owner Gab.Gato (Dominance Electricity, Drivecom, SolarOne) and his partner in crime Jack Bags (La Sabbia) from Milan. Together, they drop an untouchable dancefloor oriented five tracker based upon a terrific concept. Coming from the year 2106 with a preventive message to save Earth from manhandled destruction, scientist Dr Boomer understands how much it's too late to prevent the planet from Armageddon. A side opens with insane Man Of The Future. a pure analogical time machine merging whispers a la Egyptian Lover to heading vocoder sequences over a sharp 808 programming. Luminous and hypnotizing at the same, this oldschool anthem is instantly followed by enthusiastic 'No Permission'. A groovy bassline melt with acidic loops turns the song into a masterpiece enhanced by funny vocal scanding 'You Have No Permission To Get Into My Head'. Top notch! With its fierce rhythm and relentless beats, title track 'Time To Go Back' coming next signs an ode to the glorious days of West Coast electro sound. Vintage sonorities fuse into cutting-edge drums while a funky atmosphere will propel you through time and space. Ace! The flipside goes deeper into the realm serving up what appears as the climax of the EP. Combining gloomy strings to progressive swirls and ethereal chords, well named 'Darkness' delivers a scary yet prophetic message from the future that will spread guilty feelings to any listener: 'There Will Be No Light, No Hope'. You have been warned! Last cut 'The Bad Place' concludes the 12'' on a soulful note regarding the state of our world controlled by government and technology. Completed by a fantastic comic style artwork, awaken and despair 'Time To Go Back EP' offers an outstanding retrofuturist release from which no one will come out unscathed. One of the best outings in The Villains Inc. so far, rush on it!