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Mathilde Nobel - Founds on Land
Nous klaer Audio
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WK 44, 31 Oct 2022
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Mathilde Nobel

Founds on Land

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Nous'klaer Audio presents the official debut album by Mathilde Nobel: Founds on Land. Eleven magnificent dark experimental pop tracks written, produced and performed by Mathilde Nobel. Today I woke up with a vague memory of yesterday. It's not the first time that I've encountered clouded memories. From where I lay I can see there are fresh cuts on my arms and feet and legs next to scarred over wounds. I turn my head and see that there are a few drops of blood dried on the white bathroom tile next to caked on red stains turned brown. I've reached the point where I stopped asking "why"? In fairness, I stopped asking "what?", too. I stand out of bed into a relatively organized room. There's no headache, no hangover, no shaking, no blurred vision. There's no nausea, no instability. One foot smoothly walks in front of the other. I trace my fingers along the white walls as I cross the threshold into the bright kitchen. Through the windows I see the city, its skyscrapers glowing in the cold winter morning sun. Beyond them I can make out the snowy mountains and the cold black ocean. As I dress in silence, my mind is empty and clear. My day is not purposeless, I'm not directionless. I have a calling and it's guiding hand leads me outside. As I step outside I turn left down the road one foot smoothly in front of the other, I'm not directionless; I walk in silence. Mixed by Remco de Jong at Phako Studio. Mastered by Neel at Enisslab. Words by Gregory Markus.

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