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Strada - It's The Monkey !
Best Record
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WK 24, 13 Jun 2022
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It's The Monkey !

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""It's the Monkey !" is one of the most striking and unique reissues of Best Record to date, rises like a flame from the history of the Italo-Disco. Very well arranged and enriched by a creative use of many different sounds. There is nothing else quite like it! Strada was born in a studio where the extraordinary arrangers Ennio Tricomi, Enzo Vallicelli and Romano Trevisani work with Enza Kucic's superb vocal skills, their favorite backing singer of Crusin' Records. "It's the Monkey", considered to be one of the Top Five Italo-Disco tracks of all time, is a electro monster with all kinds of weird sounds and effects, wicked synth stabs, very original use of drum kits and arpeggios! There is nothing else that looks and sounds like this piece apart from "Raging Waters" by Al Jarreau in the 12" Dance Remixed by Judy Weinstein and Larry Levan. But how can one claim that someone copied Levan when Strada's album was releases three months earlier? "Street Dance" on the flip is an underrated electronic track with a deep dance potential, rhythmically slightly slower, with very catchy synth strings. Among the most evocative and important reissues of the year!"

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