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Lostlojic - Mamay
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WK 17, 25 Apr 2022
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The release of a debut album should be something to celebrate. But how would unbridled cheer be possible when your home country is invaded and uncertainty is the only consistent factor in your life? Still, despite this troublesome period, marked by great anxiety and grave concern, Ukraine native Lostlojic releases his first LP, 'Mamay' on our TECH-UM label. The title is derived from the legendary Cossack folk hero of the same name, who symbolizes the strength, freedom and fidelity of the Ukrainian people. Its ten compositions transform and hypnotize the listener, or shoot a sudden jolt of electricity through their bodies. 'Rosebud', for instance, takes its name from - and features a sample of - Orson Welles' 1941 landmark film Citizen Kane and is more than just pleasing to the ear; it's a state of mind. The Ukrainian wunderkind knows how to play upon your aural perception like no other! Many of its pieces are permeated with repeating phrases, which help you lull into the perfect mental state in which to fully grasp and enjoy this revolutionary record. The album's atmosphere seems at times to be grim, then mysterious, even alternately welcoming or hinting at hope and desire and in some instances convey all of these sensations at once. Which is, of course, quite fitting for the trying times we find ourselves in right now. It's a major factor why this stunning debut necessitates repeated listening!

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