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Martin Matiske - Robotic Theatre
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WK 37, 07 Sep 2020
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Martin Matiske

Robotic Theatre

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We welcome to the Moustache Records family the oldskool electro legend Martin Matiske with his Electronic disco-ish 12 inch EP release "Robotic Theatre" This is a future vision of a theatre run by robots and is the era in which machines entertain mankind. Operas are written and played in a mechanical way. The pieces of "Robotic Theatre" deal with different terms of stage work. Track A1 is called "Acting Faces" and Refers to the rehearsing of the role, as well as the interaction of the actors on stage. The well-being of the actor does not often match what is played. He has to play even If it's painful. B2 is the track called "Machinery" Human beings are machines that build machines today. The advantage is perfection and time saving. Robots as actors are reliable and precise. B1 listen to the name "Transistor Dances"its Like The Hungarian Dances by Johannes Brahms you just need a dance to express happiness and remind your culture. Dances bring people together. A robotic dance should not be missing in a play. The last track of the EP is the tune "Practise" a story about a robot the has to practise to achieve perfection and it is fun." Don'tplay this underwater order now gone is gone.