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DB1 / DYL / Paragon - Initial Conditions
Molt Imprint
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WK 08, 17 Feb 2020
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DB1 / DYL / Paragon

Initial Conditions

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New label Molt Imprint launches with four tracks by by DB1, DYL and Paragon, plus 10 locked grooves by DB1. Limited run of 250 copies on marbled vinyl. DB1's opening redefinition of form & function in Late Night; a journey of spatial exploration and intricate drum work arranged for polyrhythmic bi-tempo hybrid territory, palpating into a spectrum-rich environment top-dressed with scything layers of percussion. Tone, DB1's beatless secondary offering introduces fluid, localised doses of low frequency synth work, developing into an exploration inside rich, vivid arrays of convoluted space. Flip over to uncover the masterful work of DYL in YDNTKNW: a lesson in dynamics, donning swathes of industrial elasticity yet solidifying itself as a functional dancefloor-worthy exercise. Rip roaring waveforms are barely suspended by the tension of cables buckling under pressure. Paragon delivers via molt's first edition, Black Celebration (Stone Cold): a controlled descent into insanity in the form of textured sample destruction. Pitch bent, brash and broken; Paragon's drunken drum patterns dissolve into redux noise and drum confusion, conjuring a sleep paralysis inducing bed of imagery, advancing into a spiral of unconscious cacophony. The piece finalises as a crescendo of locked-loop noise.

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