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Desroi - Floating In Empty
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WK 05, 27 Jan 2020
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Floating In Empty

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Germany's rising newcomer DJ and producer Desroi will deliver his debut album on Semantica by early November. He has gained wide attention with his Dwell in Motion EP on Avian in 2018. Each artist has a special story to tell about their musicianship. Techno producer Desroi, who in every day life goes under the name Frederic Lindemann, has a relatively no-nonsense one. Observing from the outside, his production process seems to be one of tight structure and focus, holding great modernistic vision. Desroi studied Composition at Folkwang University of Arts - parallel to his already ongoing career as a DJ, producer and label owner - having graduated in 2018. His craftsmanship combined with a more theoretical academic view gives him a distinguished position on the scene. Desroi is curious about exploring the bridges between contemporary music and techno, and he recently said he is less interested in arrangement, melodies and harmony, and much rather focuses strongly on textures, rhythms and new sounds. Listening to his compositions these quotes makes nothing but sense; Desroi's techno is entrancing and layered but holds no unnecessary clutter. His tracks are so strictly organized and reduced that after spending some time with these stripped creations, the listener will discover something way more abstract than at first glance. Both as a live artist as well as a DJ, Desroi's performances again focus on unsparingly and unsentimentally exposed material. Raw surface sounds and screeching futuristic signals prevail. Floating In Empty will present the artist's first full-blown 8-tracker, providing 44 minutes of new and unheard sounds. The ambient techno LP is due for release in early November on Spain's well reputed imprint Semantica. The album travels through multi-faceted textures and experimental techno sonics, weaving through pleasing textures & subtle rhythmic anomalies, to arrive at a sweet spot between dance-floor potency & the more cerebral posits of the Techno genre. Desroi's work is as distinct as it is complex, with him exploring heady drum machine programming on titles such as "As You Desire Me" tethered with a single warping synth motif shifting about the sonic periphery. Whereas tracks like "Blindfold" or "From Afar" don't necessarily need a kick drum to unfold their full mesmerism, resolving into frenzied soundscapes and moments of introspection and outright gloom. The journey gets round off by highlights such as "When All Is Said And Done" and "Disentangled". On the latter Desroi conceived an elaborate classic by layering its ingenious but consecutive kick drum with further rugged, percussive elements. The strong visceral base of this track is gradually decorated with touching pad chord progressions to create an exhilarating, dense dance-floor bliss. "Floating In Empty" is a new height within the more mature genres of Techno music, displaying the ideal homogeneity between spiralling, sonics explorations and functional dance floor music. Desroi's qualification to harness the full potential of such a reduced assortment of elements and stripped back instrumentation is attestation to the producer's finesse as an artist within the scene, creating an impressive feel for coherence and consistency.

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