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Diode / Grumptronix - Hexafunk / Nightmoves 1
Wormhole Wisdom
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WK 44, 28 Oct 2019
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Diode / Grumptronix

Hexafunk / Nightmoves 1

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The first in Wormhole Wisdom's trio of Grumptronix / Diode represses contains two highly sought after cuts from Diode and on the B-side, a previously unheard and unreleased Grumptronix cut. As Diode's efforts spell out over the A-side, Omar's hypnotic sound prove that they also have the ability to pack a punch. With spine-tingling industrial & artificial intelligence influences, both '06Funk' & 'Waterhole' swing mechanical with a firm nod to the future. This unique sound is what's had people reaching deep to own a copy for themselves. On the flip, 'The Witching Hour,' the first of 5 unreleased tracks in the series, takes an even deeper, mysterious turn, bringing things down a notch. It's an intoxicating sound, packed full of nostalgia, space and energy - prepare to glide over your dance floor, living room or stratosphere in the proceeding 9+ minutes as you soak up one of the most uncompromising, emotive and relevant electro cuts to never see the light of day - until now. All tracks have been mastered from the original DATs with care and love by the ears and hands of Simon?@?The Exchange.