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Algorythm - Hunter EP
Neptune Records
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WK 09, 26 Feb 2019
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Hunter EP

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The mysterious Algorythm makes a welcome return to his own imprint with his Hunter EP- four original productions that showcase his ability to create perfect synchronicity between light and dark. Title track Hunter is a tense, dramatic offering that plunges the listener into an enthralling trance. Homework fuses eerie and industrial sounds with a pacing percussive backdrop and dark cinematic layers. On Ich Glaub Ich Spinne Algorythm takes the EP on a new journey with an uplifting groove, playful beat weaved together with triumphant pads. Shark Tale deploys a carnival of percussion as waves of synths wash over the intricate layers. Little is known about Berlin producer Algorythm. Under this enigmatic alias, he heads up Berlin-based imprint Neptune Records, as well as being one of the key figures in the newly launched Planet X Recordings - a label with an equally mysterious thread running through it. Named after Planet X- a supposed 'planet' with a mass 10 times of the Earth deep in our solar system- the project will be an exploration of this object with each release featuring the work of different photographers, which will be exhibited later this year.

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