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Carl Finlow - MIDI Archeology Box Set
Fundamental Records
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7x12'' Box set
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WK 16, 15 Apr 2019
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Carl Finlow

MIDI Archeology Box Set

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Limited to 250 copies 7x12? Vinyl Record Box that includes: 4x12'' with tracks by Carl Finlow, 2x12'' with remixes by Radioactive Man, The Exaltics, Cygnus, Jensen Interceptor, Morphology & Sync 24, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Hardfloor, ADJ and an extra 12'' from the remix contest with a selection by Carl Finlow of his favorite remixes by Brice Kelly, Relaxant, Varaz, Dibu-Z and N-Ter. Also in th ebox is a high quality black T-Shirt silkscreen printed: ''Electro Music There Is Only One Truth'', info-sheet about the project, silkscreen printed in white over a black paper, personally signed by Carl Finlow, and direct access to midi data, including Ableton Live project files and individual samples. All packed in a really nice stackable wooden box. Please note that because there are so many tracks on this release, our soundclips only represent a small portion of all tracks available!