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Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor
Dark Entries
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WK 25, 18 Jun 2018
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Richard Wahnfried

Time Actor

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Dark Entries is honored to re-issue one of the greatest and most overlooked albums of the 1970s. ''Time Actor'' was the result of a collaboration between legendary Crazy World & Kingdom Come visionary Arthur Brown and German synthesizer and ambient genius Klaus Schulze, recording under the pseudonym of his alter-ego Richard Wahnfried. ''Richard'' is the name of Klaus? son born in 1979, and the first name of the German composer Wagner. ''Wahnfried'' is the name of Richard Wagner's house, from the German ''w?hnen Frieden fand'' (that his search and hopes will find peace). The album was a unique fusion of Brown's eccentric musical vision and Schulze's mastery of synthesis. The album was originally released in 1979 on the German Innovative Communication label. Time Actor stands out amongst Schulze's massive catalog as a masterwork of avant garde new age. Schulze helms the project on electronics, and guests include Michael Shrieve on percussion, Vincent Crane on keyboards, and vocalist Arthur Brown, who sings ? or should we say, speaks ? on top of it all. Schulze describes the Wahnfried project in the liner notes as ?the collective pseudonym of an idea: Time-Electronic, an experiment between avantgarde and muzak: Utility-music for sound-covered environment, in which a new generation grows up: Richard Wahnfried is this generation: Music between genius and nonsense: New ideas transported by an old medium to your ear.?

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