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Useless Idea  - Acid Hologram
WeMe Records
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WK 22, 28 May 2018
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Useless Idea

Acid Hologram

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Acid hologram is a record that travels between past, present and future. It is a real mix of different stiles, this makes it difficult to define as a genre. Analogue incursions typical of acid and electro fuse with the melodic immediacy of trance, cohabit with cruel drum breaks and crazy IDM interventions, creating a scenario composed of different styles and nuances, bizarre as well as emotional, enveloped by an idea of euphoria typical of the underground music of the early 90s, that allowed us to rediscover a personal sound, without compromise. Produced between the end of 2013 and 2017, it was published as a limited edition and the first cassette release by WeMe Records, the idea of the format justifies the need to publish such a high number of tracks, on an alternative medium that is able to reflect the identity of an equally unconventional sound. The tracklist titles reveal visual suggestions that recall the years of the rave scene of the early 90s and the cyberpunk imaginary in which the author grew up