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Al Zanders - Guidance EP
Undaground Therapy Muzik
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WK 22, 28 May 2018
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Al Zanders

Guidance EP

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Roy Davis, Jr.'s Undaground Therapy Muzik label relaunches after almost 20 years with Al Zanders' Guidance EP. Al Zanders approach to his first EP of 2018 is as precise as it is whimsical. Featuring 4 tracks showing Zanders sheer versatile when it comes to making music. Opened by piano-percussion track Martha's Revenge which is made so clearly for dance floors, followed by Television, a chance for a closed- eyes boogie be it on a dance floor in the middle of a set, or on the sofa at home. On the b-side, Likes For Cash's comedic title is met in contrast with a piercing synth top-line and stripped back drums, with just enough of a bassline to sit in-between the drums and synths. Closing the EP is Guidance, a reflective and a chance for the EP to close as well as it would close a dance floor when the lights come on at the end of the night.

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