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The Resonance Committee - Curvepusher Sessions Vol 1.
Cultivated Electronics
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WK 39, 25 Sep 2017
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The Resonance Committee

Curvepusher Sessions Vol 1.

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It's an honour for CE to welcome the Electro super group of of Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man, Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie, Simon Brown aka The Dexorcist and Matt Whitehead to the label for CE022. Keith, Phil and Si are electro pioneers of the UK sound who have inspired the label long before it's inception in 2007. Matt Whitehead has been with CE from the start featuring as Signal Type with Sync 24 on CE001 and appearing on several of the early releases. Welcome to the "Resonance Committee" The Resonance Committee are a core of 4 like minded producers committed to keeping the electronic groove alive via vintage analogue technology. "Created and mutated for those who know, who feel the flow of electricity in their veins, their brains. We remain unchained!" Meetings are held twice a year in a London studio where live jam sessions are recorded and edited for your listening pleasure. Expect to see more members join this ever fluctuating collective for future releases. RC 2017

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