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Jason Loveland - Acid Series Vol. 1
Interdimensional Transmissions
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WK 44, 01 Nov 2021
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Jason Loveland

Acid Series Vol. 1

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Earlier this year this realm lost a great visionary in the form of Jasen Loveland aka Andrew Smith aka infinity. He was the embodiment of the spirit of No Way Back, a true cosmic being. Via his almost endless flow of tunes through his Infinite Refractions, he released music under countless names and collaborations, far too many to name here, and left us with many terabytes of unreleased music that we are still processing and compiling. Interdimensional Transmissions? Acid Series began as a vehicle to release his music, with the first volume being released at No Way Back at the Tangent in Detroit in 2017, was available in the merch booth during all the 313: Return to the Source events, which is fitting, because this is the context he made the music for. He is also half of Pervocet, along with Patrick Russell, who did the 5th volume of the Acid Series, released for 2019?s Samhain event. The forthcoming final record of the planned series is his. This record was recorded in LA, and mixed with BMG at the Interdimensional Laboratories, Detroit. We mixed a total of 8 songs in 2 days and chose 4 for the EP in a fascinating session where we learned so much from each other. The demos for the follow up EP kept adding up and mutating so fast that we had enough for another 4 EPs a year, and that is how the concept of Infinite Refractions was born. His passing has reminded us of what a record label is, a place for releases and events, sure, but really an interconnected web of people, a form of family and a platform of ideas that endure beyond us all. Andrew was on that plane. So please enjoy this communication from another dimension in the form of the record that launched the mind melding psychedelic hysteria of Jasen Loveland to the universe.