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Gina Calabrese - Gina Calabrese
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WK 50, 12 Dec 2016
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Gina Calabrese

Gina Calabrese

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Gina Navarro Calabrese was a Detective of the Miami Metro-Dade Police Department and an undercover Detective in the Organized Crime Bureau, Vice Division, in the 1980s. Her professional career is well-documented and includes everything from sting operations against South American Drug-Lords to working the streets of Miami in disguise as a prostitute - usually on behalf of Detectives Crockett and Tubbs, the former with whom she had an on-off love affair throughout this time. Gina was born on the island of Cuba during its revolution in the 1950s, the daughter of a nightclub singer and an executed revolutionary. Fleeing a vendetta against her family she and her sisters emigrated to Miami and after graduating she joined the Miami Police Force as a uniformed cop. By the mid-1980s Gina was by now working undercover and known amongst fellow law-enforcement officers for driving a 1971 Mercury Cougar convertible and giving her all to her job, shot in the line of duty and also enduring the sexual predations of IRA terrorists and hardened mobsters all in the name of getting what all good cops care about most... a cleaner city for all those hard-working honest tax-payers. What is lesser known about Gina is that in her spare time she was a synthesizer enthusiast and ardent admirer of the 1980s Czech electronics wizard Jan Hammer, and indeed recorded many of her experiences working undercover as pieces of music in that style. Cyber Dance Records is proud to present the recently unearthed original recordings of these previously-thought lost chronicles of what it truly meant to be a cop on the mean streets of Miami, giving everything in the line of duty...

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