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Rolando Simmons - Walk on Strawberries
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WK 46, 15 Nov 2016
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Rolando Simmons

Walk on Strawberries

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030303 is back once again with new material from Rolando Simmons. Its a true beauty of an EP with everything in it an electronic music freak craves for. Opener Lankheterbulten is a uplifting track that perfectly mixes punching basslines with outlandish melodies. The second track on the A-side is called Magick Machine. This track isn't an ilusion, it's truely magic! The falling together of the warped voices, melodious strings and twisted acidline takes you into a world where you can have a good time with Aphex Twin's 'Funny Little Man' showing of his dance moves to you. Magic Chrystal is a killer track in the likes of U-ziq in his heydays. The B-side kicks of with Quilted Song. This song is all about being in space where you can close your eyes, spread your arms and dance in circles with your like-minded peers. Hippie scum! The second track on the B-side is Song of Susannah. This track makes you realise this is the love you have been waiting for all your life. Trippy melodies on top of beautiful melodies! Lush! The last track is exactly what the title would suggest, gently circling through a strawberry field taken by the heavenly melodies.

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