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Albert van Abbe - VANABBE04
Van Abbe
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WK 43, 24 Oct 2016
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Albert van Abbe


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Concluding his debut album Champagne Palestine, van Abbe presents 4 new Visions on his VANABBE04. The blue, scorching sun is on the rise again, the greedy bastard. Eleven days had it come for you, eleven days had it failed. But it wouldn't be long now. The sky above you and the sea below offer no shelter, they're just equally blue. As far as you know that's the only colour left in this world. On the second day, you drank from the water that had spilled from your eyes and drowned the desert but the taste of your memories just made the tears pour out again. No use. You're only alive because of the Visions; they're haunting you, giving you glimpses of hope in that indigo hell you so ardently want to leave your mortal body behind in. They mean something, but what? The First Vision: Birds of prey circling over a grand city towering the desert. The Second Vision: A white tower crashing down, the very earth throbbing and rearing like a warhorse on a battlefield. The Third Vision: A ruined metropolis under water, deep down on the bottom of the sea. The Fourth Vision: Glistening bubbles floating majestically in nothingness. That's it. Then the torment starts over again: The birds, the tower, the drowned city, the bubbles. The azure sky doesn't offer any answer, nor does the blue sea underneath. Or does it? Perhaps... yes... the bubbles... what if... Suddenly a movement below. A bright red carp hovering in the sharp, salty water, a single bubble breaking free from its crimson lips. "But carps are freshwater fish", is the last sane thought that passes through your head before you follow the red carp down, down the sea of tears.

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