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Lerosa - Your Soul
Barba Records
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WK 50, 12 Dec 2016
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Your Soul

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Italy-born, Dublin-based producer Leopoldo Rosa aka Lerosa returns with his second EP in 2016. and continues a string of excellent releases for Croatian label Barba. Lerosa, as the newest addition to the label's roster, fits perfectly alongside the likes of LD Nero, Alex Cortex, Heinrich Dressel, DJ Stingray, FBK, Gosub, Perseus Traxx and Marco Bernardi. EP titled "Your Soul" comes as the 9th release of Barba, and is very much in the area of previous ones - heady, mental and diverse. As is expected from a producer releasing on such a broad spectrum of labels (Uzuri, Lunar Disco, Further Records, Ostgut Ton, Ferox, Apartment Records, Quintessentials, A Touch of Class, D1, Enclave, Real Soon, ...) Lerosa effortlessly manoeuvres between genres on this 4-tracker, while at the same time keeping the overall sound and vibe consistent. 303-reminiscent synth serves as an underlying leitmotif which appears in every track, but in a different manner. Blood is an obvious A1, direct and trippy techno with a misty mood. With Duelist Lerosa wears his electro suit, while maintaining the atmosphere sketched out by the first track. Ghost sits right in between the first two, with its 1/2 tempo serving justice to the track's feeling of neither resting nor moving. B2, Your Soul, is a house track with an elegant Lerosa twist on the classic Chicago vibe.

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