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Various Artists - Sleep Not Found
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WK 02, 10 Jan 2022
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Various Artists

Sleep Not Found

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Some people are just not destined to have enough sleep. When you don't sleep enough the world appears to be a different place, compared to the way it is when the mind is fully rested. In such cases very different scenarios may occur. Starting with a dreamy melody of Roma Zuckerman's 'Sleep not found', which inspired the entire trip 008 album, and ending with a thirteen minute live recording by a_000, the side project of Alex Backdrop, the entire record has a dreamy and tripped out flow. Trip 008 continues the tradition of gatefold double EPs as conceptual album. All tracks are selected around a particular story, a trip, and presented as a continuous sonic landscape.All tracks are structured in a way that they can be mixed one with another an endless amount of times making a continuous loop, a trip, that needs only end when the party stops. Kraviz works without release dates or deadlines, enabling her to achieve a certain sound bank to shape the story, unmasking the thoughts and unravelling like a dream. A1. Roma Zuckerman - Sleep Not found (North Edit) Apart form the fact that he leaves in Krasnoyarsk in the middle of Russia, very little is known about Roma (short version of the name Roman). But listening to his music and engaging in random short conversations late at night makes it clear that there are really a lot of things going on Romas mind... Minimalistic yet emotionally complex, his music always stands out with it?s murkiness and signature moodiness that Roma creates like nobody else. A2. Deniro - G Deniro continues the record's journey with his new live cut that like pretty much everything he did so far is a beautiful sparse atmospheric groover. He says he wanted it to be angry and it its done with triggering synths from the tr909 and tr808. B1. Maayan Nidam - Infinite Rattle Maayan was born in Tel-Aviv. She does not like computers and prefers to record her music live using hardware only. In order to do so she built her incredible studio in Berlin where she recorded 'Infinite Rattle'.There is much more to come from Maayan on trip. B2. Bbbbbb - Prins Polo Caramel milkshake. Side project by Bjarki - bbbbbb. Like any other normal Icelander, Bjarki really likes ice cream. In Iceland they are absolutely crazy about it.They walk the streets, ice cream in hand, even when its freezing cold outside. But even more than that Icelanders like Milkshakes with all sorts of added cookies and candies. Bjarki's favourite is called Prince Polo after the name of a chocolate bar. He always believed Prins Polo was an Icelandic brand but a couple of months ago somebody proved him wrong. C1. Exos- dub jazz In Iceland Exos is a legend. Everybody knows him there. He's been playing incredibly powerful and technically advanced techno sets since the late 90s and releasing delicious dub techno on Icelandic label Thule. Nina always appreciated his subtler, dubbier side, and this short recording a the continuation of it. C2. Maaayn Nidam - Justice for some This second live recording was a perfect fit for this album. Maayan has managed to create a particular mysterious night time dreamer here. Sound wise it's even more unique. It took trip a few times to get the master right, because we wanted to keep the original breathing of the machine that has captured a seriously freaky vibe. Maayan has always been one of Nina?s favourite DJs as they share a similar attitude towards music. But after this tune she has also reserved a place in Nina?s collective of favourite producers. D1. A_000 This is a side project of Italian native Alessio Meneghello (Alan Backdrop) & Enrico Voltan. A beautiful 13-minute sonic journey.