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House Of Black Lanterns - Leather Jacket Love Stories
Jericho One
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WK 51, 14 Dec 2015
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House Of Black Lanterns

Leather Jacket Love Stories

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Completing a brand new trio of EPs, fledgling Creme Organization off shoot Jericho now looks to HoBl for four fresh tracks. HoBl is a Houndstooth related producer who also records as King Cannibal and has already played at fabric, so is sure to go on to even bigger things once the world hears this fine new EP. First up is 'Cold (This City)' which is a chilly bit of techno futurism with weird vocals panning around icy synth lines and reflective metal surfaces. It is dramatic and large in scale as it unfolds with you right at the centre of the unsettling world. 'Deep Devotion' is then a compelling ambient cut with the distant crackle of white noise, afro-vocals and spare drum hits all making for an absorbing bit of ambience that sweeps, sweeps and swoons at a super slo-mo pace. 'Midnight Caller' is a more electro focussed jam with thick synths, crisp pinging drums and more background ambience that is dark and foreboding, whilst final cut 'A Girl Called Pity' is another free roaming electro jam with pain in its synths, paranoia in its atmospheres and funk in its drums. This is truly otherworldly music transmitted from a failed galaxy far off into deepest darkest space.

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