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Mike Dehnert Roman Lindau Sascha Rydell - Before 8 Years Fachwerk  EP
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WK 18, 27 Apr 2015
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Mike Dehnert Roman Lindau Sascha Rydell

Before 8 Years Fachwerk EP

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Proper techno from this no frills label that serves up swinging, heavyweight and dubby techno funk. Functional but fun, tool like but teutonic in effect. Ahead of the new 2x12" release, "8 Years of Fachwerk" and some special label nights around the world, the Berlin techno label serves up a new four track EP that features one cut from each of the label's main protagonists, namely boss Mike Dehnert as well as Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau. Mike Dehnert goes first with 'Avant Que', which is an edgy and paranoid techno roller with alarm like hooks, distant bell harmonies and slithering hi hats. Fulsome, powerful kicks drive the thing late into the night and it's another accomplished weapon from Dehnert. 'Identified' comes next from Sascha Rydell, and this one is a more subterranean, groaning and gritty track with eerie snares and muffled vocals colouring a deeply buried bassline... It's humid and intense and no mistake. Next, Roman Lindau gets all raucous yet stays funky with his 'Rockin Snare'. Here the groove seems to rock back and forth on its heels, whirring machine sounds and sharp, raw snares cut a crisp pattern and pinging drums add plenty of dynamism down below. Rounding out the EP, Dehnert turns out the monstrous, rib ratting, floor shaking swinger that is 'Hain.' Shot through with sci-fi lines and with weighty, earthy kicks, it barrels along next to ripping hooks and squirming little pads that flesh out an already full fat bomb. Footwork is a bastion of techno quality and it has been now for eight years. Still fresh as ever!

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