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The Invariants - TI001
The Invariants
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WK 45, 03 Nov 2014
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The Invariants


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The Invariants is a brand new label and production project from Amsterdam. The first release contains four tracks recorded in the fall of 2012. The new DIY label looks set to become a firm favourite with connoisseurs of the deep everywhere. The opening track of the debut EP is a wide-open bit of ambient soundscaping. Distant muffled voices, lush pads that stretch and smear in soothing, cerebral ways and sombre synths all make it a magical opener. The A2 is similar in its smooth textures but is underpinned by a warm, rubbery, thudding kick drum that propels things along at an inviting pace. The pads are just as emotive and serene, though, initially sounding insular and sorry for themselves before a little light and optimism does come in in the latter stages. On the flip, B1 is a much slower and lazier affair: crisp but icy hi hats are as far apart as the drums. Rippling chords roll in the foreground and a slowly emerging sense of groove gets fleshed out with richly reverbing claps and rising pads. Seriously moody stuff, the EP gets finished in real style by the deep, whacked out and mid tempo electro groove of the B2. Humid but run through with frazzled synths, there is plenty of pain as well as hopefulness in the tracks The Invariants create. On this evidence, this is a project that knows just how much is enough to really stimulate mind, body and soul.

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