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Rolando Simmons - Rolando Simmons
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WK 44, 27 Oct 2014
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Rolando Simmons

Rolando Simmons

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Good job 030303 got their hands on these six tracks by Rolando Simmons as they remind you of where acid got its name from: this is music to trip to. The 303 is abused to the fullest while Simmons adds snares and outlandish melodies to the acid bubbles and bleeps that are never far away. Opener Acid Marriage is a mid-tempo, melancholic soundtrack for ravers who can't be sure of anything except they've lost the plot on the dance floor. The more downbeat second track consists of washed out melodies and deformed vocals and is unlikely to bring you back on planet earth. As you expect from a song entitled 'Home Alone 4', this one's to come down on. Montignac continues on the same tip while adding some quirkiness to. Dim, then, is a true highlight; with its driving beat, crisp hi-hats and playful acid bubbles, the track goes well with the image of a dwarf bouncing around on a horse that's way to big for his own good. The EP's final is Garden Diodes, a forceful upbeat track that pulls you right back into that creepy trip.

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