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Jacob Korn - Shtum 005
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WK 38, 15 Sep 2014
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Jacob Korn

Shtum 005

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Another new face for shtum but certainly not for all the Techno aficionados out there: Jacob Korn makes his debut on Uncanny Valley's sub label to celebrate his old but not forgotten love for dark and bleepy Techno. The tracks' origins date back to the 1990s when Jacob used to work with a MS-DOS based software sequencer called FastTracker. Imagine programming beats with Excel and look at the graphic interface on the A-side label of the record to get an idea of the workflow back then. Nevertheless, the tracks did not loose any of its intensity. "Backstar" comes with a straight Gabba-like kick and sharp synths before it freaks out with tight drumming and powerful bass line action. "Tribal" is even darker and will work at every Techno dance floor and FreeTek-Party. On the Flipside you'll get "Robot ?s Life Cycle". Merciless synth-stabs, the stuttering bass drum and one of those early Jacob Korn-pads join forces for a textbook example of a killer dance floor cut. At last, "Komputermukke" is as simple as it is effective. This one is for all the heads who love their Techno neat and bleepy. The illustration on the B-side is by Sebastian Huber while Carl Suspect aka Carl- Johannes Schulze is responsible for the graphical tribute to FastTracker on the A- side.

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